Japanese crepes aren't a new concept. They have been in existence since the late 1970s when the first shop opened in the Harajuku area. While crepes are of French origin and popular worldwide, the Japanese crepe stands out on its own due to its unusual way of being served. This fun, paper wrapped, cone-shaped treat is easy to enjoy while on the go! The portability of this conical confection is what makes it unique. In Tokyo, these cone-shaped desserts can be found on every street corner and enjoyed by all ages.

Crêpeful started as a way to satisfy a craving. In late 2014, our founder, Dat Lam, had the opportunity to try this delicious treat for himself on a trip to Tokyo. He was inspired by the unique concept and overall nom-nom-factor. Unable to get this treat in his hometown of Austin, TX, Dat scoured the internet for the perfect Japanese crepe recipe. He was determined to recreate this wonderful experience with this unique conical delight. He quickly learned that the typical French recipe would not make a good Japanese crepe. After over a year of research, trial and error, and a lot of Google translations, Dat has perfected his recipe by combining what he learned with his own personal touches. He now wants to share this amazing dessert with his fellow Austinites!

Crêpeful will be the first of its kind to operate in Austin, TX. We want to take Dat’s positive experience and share it with all. With the growing popular food scene in Austin, and its wonderful people, there isn't a better place to call home.